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Novatech Increase Office Space Capacity at their Headquarters

The Client

Novatech is an independent manufacturer of PC’s, laptops and components. Based in Hampshire, they have been providing technology solutions for homes, offices, and schools for over 27 years. They have over 200 staff and have become one of the UK’s most trusted technology providers.

The technology company was planning to expand its internal corporate sales department, so they contracted Hi-Level to refurbish and remodel their existing office to future-proof their premises and create additional storage space.

The Challenge

Hi-Level devised a solution to design, manufacture and install a fire-rated single-tier mezzanine with a first-floor office fit-out.

The mezzanine floor’s purpose would be to connect two previously installed mezzanine structures already on the premises. The space underneath the new mezzanine would provide Novatech with additional storage space, housing a racking and shelving system for their components.

The Criteria

The Mezzanine requirements were as follows:

  • 515m² floor size
  • 4.8kN/m² live load
  • Fire protection

The remodelling and refurbishment aspect of the project included:

  • Glass partitioning
  • New ceiling system
  • LED lighting
  • Installation of two external walls

The Solution and Result

As with all of our fit-out projects, Novatech’s refurbished premises comply with all Construction Design and Management Regulations.

A Hi-Level Project Manager regularly visited the site to monitor its progress and manage all of the health and safety issues attached to a fit-out project.

The project was completed within the allocated time-frame and within budget, and the refurbished facility successfully reflected the Novatech brand.

Thanks to the refurbishment, Novatech now has increased office and storage space without having to relocate.

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What our clients say

“I am are absolutely delighted with the job, the floor is exactly what I had hoped it would be and the efficiency in managing the project has been excellent from start to finish. Hi-Level is to be commended on every level and stands as a lesson to us in how to run a successful business”.
Box LithoProject Manager

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