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Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors for Mezzanine Flooring

We have over 28 years of experience in providing mezzanine solutions across a wide range of industries. Optimising existing space so businesses can reach their full potential is what we do best. Our team of experts have executed a range of complex designs for industrial and warehouse units as well as public-facing, commercial mezzanine floors.

Mezzanines in the retail sector


Our experience in the retail industry spans across industrial units to commercial premises. We have optimised warehouses and production facilities to ensure our client can operate at their full potential. In addition, our team has transformed retail stores to maximise opportunity for sales.

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Mezzanines in Offices and Storage

Offices & Storage

We understand the importance of having practical space your office and storage. Our team of designers will provide the best solution on how to make the most out of unused space.

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Mezzanines for Warehouses


We are experts in future-proofing warehouse for a variety of industries. Our team has executed projects of all different sizes from single tier floors to multi-tiered structures able to support very high loads.

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Mezzanines for Automation Machinery


With technology growing at a rapid pace, more companies are integrating automation systems as part of their daily operations. We have designed robust and sturdy mezzanine floors, capable of upholding all types of machinery including complex conveyor belts.

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Mezzanines for Production


We meet the unique requirements of each premises to ensure our mezzanine floors can contribute to increased productivity. We have worked with a variety of product and manufacturing companies to future-proof their sites.

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Mezzanines in the Transport Sector


From manufacturing sites to workshops and car showrooms, we have extensive experience working within the automotive industry. Our mezzanine floors can be customised for both industrial and commercial environments, making them the ideal solution for creating space

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