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Mezzanine Floor Considerations

Anyone thinking about installing a mezzanine in their premises will likely be faced with a variety of practicalities to consider, both before the process begins and after it has been installed. Try to make sure you think of everything early on, so you can avoid having to make changes or regretting any choices you made […]

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5 Tips That Improve Stockroom Management

Stockroom organisation is integral for businesses of all sizes – from small enterprises to large and complex operations. While retailers with physical stores are under constant pressure to keep customers coming back, it can be easy to only focus on the sales floor and neglect the back of house. However, your stockroom functions as the […]

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The Best Retail Floor Layout for Your Business

Retail floor layout design is a very crucial and strategic decision which can affect a customer’s shopping experience and encourage their purchases. Presenting merchandise in an efficient way will ultimately maximise the sales for each square foot of selling space. A wide range of research has investigated human behaviour and the best practices for retail. […]

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Building Regulations & Mezzanine Floors | Approval Required?

Planning Permission and Mezzanine Floors Typically, no formal permissions required for the erection of a mezzanine floor provided there are no local planning restrictions. There are however some circumstances when planning permission is required, such as when the mezzanine is used for office space or the mezzanine increases the floor area of a site. Hi-Level […]

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How Much Does a Mezzanine Floor Cost? | Mezzanine Costs

Mezzanine Floor Costs Explained Each of Hi-Level’s designs are bespoke, meaning we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to cost. Instead, we take your exact specifications including load requirement, usage and the type of premises to determine which type of floor and materials will work best. Cost of Relocating vs Mezzanine Floor Mezzanine floors are great […]

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What is a Mezzanine Floor? A Guide

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor which is built between two main floors or the floor and ceiling of a building. They are designed to cover a specific area of a building rather than extending over the entire floor space. Mezzanines are installed to maximise unused vertical space, providing additional room above and below […]

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Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations

In our previous blog post we looked at the Health and Safety at Work Act and how a thorough understanding of regulations can help businesses to protect their employees. However, there is more to Health and Safety provisions than just understanding the rules. You also need to know how to put them into practice – […]

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Health and Safety at Work Act – What You Need to Know

Warehouses and storage spaces can be dangerous places without proper Health and Safety protocol. In these kinds of environments trips, slips and manual handling injuries are most common and can leave businesses short on staff and out of pocket. Understanding Health and Safety standards can play a key role in helping to protect employees, but […]

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A Guide To Health And Safety In The Workplace

The importance of maintaining Health and Safety protocol in a warehouse or distribution centre cannot be underestimated. The kinds of activities that take place in these environments can create various types of hazards and risks to employees; however, possessing a well-rounded understanding of preventative measures and practices can certainly help in minimizing the risk. What […]

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Installing A Mezzanine Floor With Minimum Fuss

For a busy distribution centre or manufacturing plant the idea of pausing business operations to move to new premises can be a daunting one. However, rather than moving into a new space it can make much more sense, both financially and commercially, to stay where you are. Installation of a mezzanine floor doesn’t have to […]

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The Process Of Building A Mezzanine Floor

Developing your existing business site doesn’t have to take a lifetime. Whether you need space to accommodate more stock, improve productivity or house assembly lines – a mezzanine floor provides a cost effective and fast solution. Rather than enduring the costly and time consuming experience of uprooting from your current premises and finding somewhere new, […]

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Another Level: The Many Different Uses Of A Mezzanine Floor

It’s a great feeling when your business starts to take off. So, what’s the best way to adapt your services to meet growing demand and how best can you optimize the space that you already own? Maybe you’ve outgrown your current premises and need to find a way to expand your storage capacity, or maybe […]

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